Issues with high mem/cpu usage

I'm currently working on a project built with Electron and utilizing Cesium. I have a collection of files that contain time based positions that I use to create a path in czml and animate. Currently I'm testing with a collection of ~30 files, all less than 300kb in size (1hz data). When I attempt to play these, memory and cpu usage starts out normal but grows out of control. For instance, even when playback ends, cpu utilization (on a mac) is >100% and memory usage is near 5GB which is obviously not desired/optimal.

Is there something I could do to improve this or is this just a result of the amount of data? I didn't THINK it was that much but apparently I'm killing it. Are there any kind of performance tips that I'm not aware of? I've been considering downsampling the data or setting trailTime on the czml so that it removes so of the rendered data after a period. Both of these seem to help but aren't desired. I lose accuracy of the rendered path if I downsample the data and I was hoping to be able to see the complete path at the end of the playback.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks or something else they could point out to help me with this?


I have the same issue.

Anyone can give me some tips to improve performance and load faster ??