Issues with new IOS 13.5.1

Since Apple recently released IOS 13.5.1, I can see one issue running Cesium in IOS Safari
The issue is on the “Animation” widget. After loading a webpage embeding Cesium or SandCastle demos, the animation widget is just partially drew. I guest one part of the code missing executed after a js line failed somewhere

Here a picture showing the widget partially constructed


Not seen other issues for the moment using Cesium 1.69

Thanks for reporting this. Are there any console errors in the page when this happens? Does this consistently happen when you refresh or only sometimes?

Hi Omar

This happens all the time (since I upgraded to 13.5.1). Never saw again the widget fully displayed. However controls remain active but blind usable

Same behavior in a webview control

I will check if Safari on IOS has console feature. Never saw that before


Hi Omar

I was able to connect my Mac machine to my iPad to monitor SAFARI using Web inspector and look at Console messages
Unfortunately no error messages displayed in the console

When browsing the CesiumJS web page and displaying the Cesium container, I can see the same issue

This issue only happens on iOS 13.5.1. All perfect in Safari on Mac OS


Thanks Bruno. I can reproduce this as well. Opened an issue here:

Thank you Omar. Probably not a big issue to fix for someone who knows Cesium lines of code