KML Description Data

I am new to Cesium and this week I have started loading in KML files. I have noticed the KMLDatasource is attempting to load all of the images within the description tags as it loads the KML. Is there anyway to prevent this and have description content only be fetched by the browser at the time when the user clicks on a particular entity?


KmlDataSource does not work as you describe for KML files, image that are part of the description are not loaded until the description is shown.

KMZ files are a little different because the data has to be kept in memory (since it’s a single package file).

Can you provide more details about what you are seeing and a KML file that displays the behavior so that I can reproduce it on my end?


Thanks for the quick response. it is completely possible it doesn't work in the way I described, but when I load the KML File from, it appears to me that it is attempting to load all the image files in all the descriptions. I am watching the image files load in the network panel in Chrome. Also, my basemap fails to load until all of the images complete loading, but this makes sense as it is requesting a ton of images.

Thanks - Jamie