KML file

i have to work on sandcastle with specific kml file and im working with the cartographic representation of buildings , is there a way to convert the kml file to this type of representation automatically ?

What i mean by the cartographic representation :

var building = ellipsoid.WGS84.cartographicArrayToCartesianArray(

[ Cesium.Cartographic.fromDegrees(15.045825395539099,52.40883222994816,7.670000000000002),





Hi there,

You should be able to load your KML file, then iterate through the entities and do whatever conversions you need. Here’s a code example:

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel

Hi ,

I tried it but sandcastle gives two type of error " Unsupported geometry: Model " and "Placemark Regions are unsupported " .

Hi there,

For the Placemark region error, unfortunately we don’t currently have support for regions of that type. See this thread for a suggested workaround:

As for the model error, can you give me more information about what you’re trying to load?

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel