KML hierarchical data and children entities

I am attempting to visualize the Entities that get created as a result of loading a KmlDataSource. Unfortunately, the Entities found within the KmlDataSource are flattened into a single EntityCollection and the tree-like structure would be lost if not for the parent attribute on Entity.

I searched the forums and found a post referencing the dataSourceBrowser branch ( but that hasn’t been committed to in over a year so I’m thinking if I want the KML tree structure I’ll have to do it myself. Are there any plans to continue work on that?

Secondly, are there any plans to expose a children attribute on Entity? The typical way to walk a tree is from the root down to the leaf nodes but since Entities only have a parent attribute I am currently going through all entities once, and if they have a parent I create a children array on the parent, and the entity pushes itself onto that array so that I can easily traverse that data structure later on.