KML not being drawn on terrain

Greetings good people,

please see screens attached.

I have a trouble displaying kml with terrain provides.. the kml path will go on ground zero, not on top of the terrain.

Any hints for me?

Thanks, Aleš

what I'm trying to achieve is something like this:

This is an upcoming feature. If you want to follow along, It’s #2172 in GitHub.

I was looking at how the Alps site you linked to to see how they implemented it. It appears they used czml with the altitudes already processed.

Does your data only include the lat/lon pairs for each point or does it also include the altitudes? If it does, it would be easy to convert the kml data to czml.


thanks for response,

My KML files include altitude as well and I've moved on to converting it to CZML, but it has to be converted to cartesian, which is quite a task to get it right. Is there any standardised solution for this?

CZML does not require cartesian, you can use “cartographicDegrees” instead. I’ll also mention that converting to CZML doesn’t buy you anything in reference to terrain support, so if that’s your only reason for converting, I wouldn’t bother.