support for KML draped on terrain

Right now, in the cesium specification there is support for KML on terrain, in reality the "clampToGround" attribute inside the altituedMode tag doesn't work.

The solution i found in this forum is a workaround - set the height property of the polygon entity to undefined. The problem is that in other entities such as billboard there is no height property.

Is there a real support for draping KML on terrain? if so, how can i do it?
if not, is there a workaround for the other entities too?

You should be able to specify clampToGround : true when loading a KML data source.

Otherwise, billboards do have a heightReference property, which can be set to clamp them to terrain.



Thanks! It solve the problem.
So ‘altitudeMode’ tag inside the kml wont work? Only setting clampToGround property inside the datasource object?

Cesium does support the altitudeMode tag, see this function in the source code.

If you think there may be a bug, please provide a sample KML and a Sandcastle example showing the problem so we can track it down.