KML not parsing - Invalid array buffer length


My KML is not working.

File size is 7 MB


An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.
RangeError: Invalid array buffer length
RangeError: Invalid array buffer length
    at new ArrayBuffer (native)
    at new Uint32Array (native)
    at Object.i.createTypedArray (http://localhost/projects/Cesium-1.14/Build/Cesium/Workers/createGeometry.js:75:16650)
    at F (http://localhost/projects/Cesium-1.14/Build/Cesium/Workers/createGeometry.js:76:1225)
    at (http://localhost/projects/Cesium-1.14/Build/Cesium/Workers/createGeometry.js:76:15748)
    at Function.H.createGeometry (http://localhost/projects/Cesium-1.14/Build/Cesium/Workers/createPolygonGeometry.js:230:22544)
    at n (http://localhost/projects/Cesium-1.14/Build/Cesium/Workers/createPolygonGeometry.js:230:23395)
    at a (http://localhost/projects/Cesium-1.14/Build/Cesium/Workers/createGeometry.js:77:5951)
    at DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope.n (http://localhost/projects/Cesium-1.14/Build/Cesium/Workers/createGeometry.js:77:5167)

Code -

  var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer');

Can you share the file?

URL for KML -

Same file is working fine with Google earth.

Can anyone see this issue, KML not parsing and showing Invalid array buffer length error ?

Sorry for the delay. It looks like the KML parses and loads into the DataSource correctly but eventually runs out of memory while trying to triangulate the many polygons it contains. I’ve submitted a new bug so that we can look into it:

When this issue will be fixed ?
My Project is kind of stuck right now.

thanks for help