kml photoplan


I have kml & photoplans(lots of tiles). I would like to show them using Cesium engine

should I convert my kml to czml or another format?

I clone kml branch, but I cant' show any tiles using <GroundOverlay> tag

what is the best way?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Kate,

If the format is in a known tiling scheme, such as TMS or WMS; then you can just host the imagery on the server and use one of Cesium’s built in imagery layers to show it. This blog post/tutorial may provide some helpful information on our imagery system:

We will eventually support loading GroundOverlays in KML directly, but converting to a standard imagery layer is your best bet for now.

so, maybe i don’t understand all, but I reorginize my tiles as for Slippy map tiles (ZXY format) and load them using OpenStreetMapImageryProvider, also I add bounding Rectange as param, but when I zoom I see only one image in time

so I have only tiles and geo information only in kml, so i haven’t geotif to use TMS, f.e.