So I want to show some data from a KML file on the globe, but I am not 100% keen to do it in CZML (and do the whole conversion stuff), because the KML is dynamically rendered and updates quite often. Is there any way I can show vectors from a KML on the globe just using the js api rather than CZML?



Not without a lot of work. Basically you would have to write your own (or find elsewhere) KML parsing engine which you can then hook into in order to create and manage Cesium primitives. We plan on improving KML support in the future, but it’s been slow going (mainly due to lack of developers to work on it). If you’re interested in giving it a shot we’d be happy to look at it when you have something to show.


How often is the KML updated? KML to CZML conversion is pretty fast, and I’m pretty sure the JavaScript client will be able to parse CZML faster than it would KML. Do you have to write KML to begin with? Can you write CZML instead or in addition to?