Label Issues

When using Cesium labels, I have some issues.
I would like to know if there is anything I can do to overcome these issues:
1) Blurry labels - when adding labels at 12pt size (and smaller) they seem kind of blurry.
Sometimes the letters outlines are a bit cut-off.
I tried playing with the outline options, but it didn't help to much.
2) When moving around in 3D globe, the text is jittery.
3) Is there any support for RTL languages? Right now I can see the letters, but the word is reversed.
4) Is there support for multi-line labels? I don't want to add numerous labels with the same position, just to get multi-line.

Thanks in advance.


Have you found a solution for the RTL problem? i'm kinda stuck...

  1. Try setting font in px for now. I think there is a bug somewhere that I would like to look into, but some of this has to do with the way the browser renders text.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by this, do you have example code that shows the problem?

  3. This is definitely a bug/missing feature. The workaround I posted for unicode surrogate pairs should also work here. See this post for some sample code: Essentially the workaround is to use one billboard for the whole work instead of a label. I’ll write up a bug so we fix this in the future (depends on how hard it is to detect and do).

  4. We already have a bug for this, someone recently expressed interest in working on it, so it might get done soon.

Can someone post a small example that tries to draw a RTL label. I haven’t worked in such languages before and it would help validate the fix.

Also, on non-Cesium pages, do you usually have to explicitly tell the browser to use right-to-left? Or does it detect it automatically?

I’m not sure of the best approach for Cesium to take here so any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

hi matthew,

thanks for the reply and the good work you're doing in Cesium

I currently don't have a proper example, but there are some words you can use: עברית (which is hebrew in hebrew) and عربى (which is arabic in arabic)

In simple html page, text will show properly but it will align to left (so you will start to read in the "end" of the line at the right) because inline tags start in left by default.
And the css "direction: rtl" will solve most of the problems.

thanks and good luck :slight_smile: