Feature Request for Label

Hello to Cesium Team and thanks for this great product,

I know that you are all busy with 1.0 release and I’m aware of the fact that you may not respond to the requests below immediately.

We have same feature requests related with labels:

i.Setting background color of a label (Actually I had posted a message about this before and a response came from Scott proposing using a billboard as background but some of the data necessary to implement the solution is not publicly accessible)

ii.Blinking of label texts

iii.Rotation of label text (e.g. making rotation parameter equal to 90 degrees makes label text downwards orientation)

iv.Multiline support in label texts, e.g. text ‘Line1\nLine2’ or ‘Line1
Line2’ is displayed as two seperate lines.

v.Halo effect in label texts:Surrounding each capital’s borderline in the label text with white-light grayish outlines

What can be the feasibility and rough delivery version of the features above in Cesium?

Looking forward to dowloading version 1.0 of Cesium.


Bulent Ozhorasan