Lag because of map tiles ?


i got a problem with my Cesium-Viewer. I try to run an animation with a 3D model and some placemarks with imgaes an labels.

The problem is, if cesium starts to load high-resolution map tiles, my animation starts to stutter.
If i change the map tiles provider it runs smooth for a short time, but after some higher resolution tiles are loaded, it starts to stutter again.

Is this only a problme because of my connection or is this maybe a problem in Cesium ? (It's also lagging if i'm pause the animation and just rotate the camera)

I'm thankful for any tips to fix this.

Imagery alone shouldn’t affect frame rate in a noticeable way. Can you explain the architecture of your app in more detail. Are you constant loading data in the background, for example, or are you loading your data up front?

Hey Matthew,

i'm loading my data in one piece at start. It is one ~1MB czml file, after i added the czml file , i'm adding a 2MB gltf model with positions.

There is also a custom renderloop where i update some data, but there is no difference if i'm remove that loop.

The weird thing is, that is runs realy good if the map is very blurry, but not anymore if the map turns sharp.

Is it possible to share a sample of your czml and model. You can send it privatly if need be.