Large CZML files Load and Display Slowly

Hello all,

I am loading in a CZML file into Cesium that is ~35 MB in size. This is the border around China and all of the areas inside, along with labels, etc... It takes about 20-25 seconds to load, and after it is loaded, Cesium is rather slow. Is this normal? We are working with Cesium b-28. I have read in several forum posts that CZML loading for large CZML files used to be quite slow, but performance was enchaned in subsequent builds, especially in b-28.

I have read through this article, and it seems to be similar to my issue:!topic/cesium-dev/0-xCis8DoE4

I have also seen that Cesium b-30 has apparently improved CZML format so that it can be smaller. I assume this would help with loading times.

If need be, I can attach a CZML file to this in Gmail. It is possible that the CZML file we are using is an older CZML file. Perhaps that is part of our problem?

Thanks a lot!