Polygon Positions Loading Slowness

I have a bunch of polygons described in CZML format. I load about 50-100 at a time. I’ve noticed a time delay where when I load these polygons as CZML in real time, the Cesium simulation pauses time for 3-5 seconds while it loads these polygons, then continues again. I’ve narrowed it down to the “positions” list as the culprit for the slowness. Each polygon has a positions list of type cartographicDegrees of size 12 (4 points of a polygon). The polygons are shown correctly, just the initial load is slower than expected.

Is this slowness just part of the normal wear and tear of Cesium, and can’t be avoided? Or am I configuring my czml polygon positions in a non optimized format?

Any insight or experiences would be most helpful. Thank you so very much for your help!