Lat, Long for HUD UI

Noob questions but I am new to Unreal and Cesium but should be an easy question. Got by HUD roughed in but I wanted to display the current Lat/Lon/Alt on the HUD. I watched the tutorials and but I am just not putting things together. Seems like there is a GetXXX function like GetPlayerController or GetWorldOriginLocation that should give me this and allow me to dump it in a variable but I dont see the “Innacurate Transform UE To Longitude Latitude Height” function in my list when building the Graph on my WidgetHUD.

This seems close but references are not showing up

What am I missing?

The “Innacurate Transform UE To Longitude Latitude Height” function is a function of the Georeference.

If the player pawn is a Cesium DynamicPawn, then it inherits from GlobeAwareDefaultPawn, and you can obtain the Georeference and the ActorLocation from that, use the function to convert the ActorLocation to Lat/Lon/Height, and pass ther result to your HUD.

Here’s a DRAFT screenshot. It’s a DRAFT, because this should NOT be done in EventTick, it does not do any error checks, and it only uses PrintString to print the values directly, but it should show the wiring for the relevant classes:

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Absolutely awesome! One other item I needed to do was uncheck the “Context Sensitive” in the Actions dropdown to make the “GetActorLocation” and “Inaccurate Transform Ue…” show up.

Appreciate the help!