Line of Sight Analysis

Hello Support,

Can somebody suggest how to do line of sight analysis using cesium api

Line of sight explanation :

  • Need to show visibility /Invisibility from observer to target point in the terrain.

  • We will give observer position and target position. Then need to calculate if point A(observer) to Point B(target) is visibility or not.

The Cesium Analytics SDK provides some of this functionality:

It can visualize the visible and occluded volume from a given point, field of view etc. We do have a line of sight in development but it’s not released yet. The Analytics SDK is a commercial set of widgets built on top of CesiumJS.

I’m looking to use Line Of Sight in my project.
Is there a tutorial to understand how it works before I decide to buy the commercial product licensed annually?
Thank you!

@Nir_Abel you can reach out here to request an evaluation license so you can try before you commit:

We are very interested in the commercial Analytics SDK set of widgets built on top of CesiumJS.
Are you ready to sell licences of this product?

Hey @Moises_Herrera,

We are looking into how best to make these tools available to Cesium ion users. In the meantime I would reach out through the contact form above if you haven’t already.

Thanks Omar.
We will keep an eye on this development or a similar one.
If someone could suggest me where to find a substitute to the Analytic SDK for on-premise applications I would be very grateful.