Load OSGB data directly

I’m trying to implement direct loading of OSGB files in CesiumJS.

I’m now creating a new type of Cesium.Primitive, parse OSGB data as Cesium.Geometry, and update the data to Cesium.DrawCommand, and works.

It just so much works to do, if I really want to make it works as good as 3DTiles. I want some suggestions, should I continue to use those low level API or use a more high level API such as Cesium.Model?

I’m not sure, because the loading strategy of GSGB is not the same as 3DTiles.

Hi there,

Interesting! Would you mind telling us more about why you’d like to load OSGB files directly rather than converting them to 3D Tiles data?

Also when you say you want to make it work like 3D Tiles, can you tell us about the features or ease-of-use you’re looking for?