load time dynamic 3D tileset in czml

Hi, im trying to create the 3d tileset with time series.
i have read some examples in Cesium that it can load time series with czml script. So, i have an idea to create the changing 3D tiles model over time with czml script. But, i found that the czml just can load gltf file with this kind of code

"model": {
        "gltf" : "../../../../Apps/SampleData/models/CesiumAir/Cesium_Air.glb",
        "scale" : 2.0,
        "minimumPixelSize": 128

So, is that possible Cesium can load the 3D tileset with time series ?

That’s an interesting idea, but right now czml doesn’t support 3D Tiles.

You may be able to use Cesium3DTile#expireDate to get this sort of functionality. When this is set on a tile containing an external tileset it will reload the entire external tileset.

thanks for your reply, Sean.
yeah… the development of Cesium is really great.

so, i hope in the future it could load a tileset from czml script.

thanks for your suggestion also, i will try it.