Loading tileset in multiple threads?


I’m trying to find an answer for a question that has been bothering me for quite a long time. Is it possible to load 3D Tiles in multiple threads? I’ve noticed that Imagery layers are requested in multithreaded manner, however neither .terrain nor .b3dm files use multiple threads to load.

Use chrome, turn on developer settings (F12), go to Network tab.
Go to link:

That results in:

Where gray bars on one thread are b3dm and terrain files and green/blue ones are jpeg files:




Is there any way how I can achieve multithread loading with “vanilla” CesiumJS? We run Cesium on nginx server, that has it’s config set up for plenty worker threads - which work perfectly fine on Imagery layers and OpenLayers - so I suppose hosting is not the issue here, but it’s the way how CesiumJS works?