Locking the ground...

Hey there, I noticed in the Imagery Layers Manipulation example, no matter what, you cannot make that camera go through the ground (this is what I'd prefer).

But on examples like Terrain, it seems the ground is transparent and you fly into the abyss below the earth.

Trying to figure out if there's an easy command to make the ground impenetrable by the camera?

I also added the easy terrain code to the Imagery layer and after doing so, the ground became penetrable again.


While I'm asking, I'm brand new to javascript but learning fast-ish...

I'm blindly trying to combine features from different sandcastle examples but never get anything to work once I combine it.

Is there a simple way of doing this?

I'm trying to keep all the dev's together, all the variables together, all the requires together, etc.

As I know nothing, all I can do is hope for the best when combining them but I really haven't the slightest idea what the hell I'm doing. (As I'm sure you can tell...)

Maybe you could add a feature to SandCastle that easily allowed users to combine examples?

I trust that would extremely difficult to create.

Maybe I should post my code examples on here and you could tell me what's not working?

Looking forward to your help.


- Adam

Hi Adam,

In the Imagery Layers example, the ground is a simple ellipsoid, so it’s easy to make the camera stay above it. It gets much more difficult with an irregular terrain shape as you see in the Terrain example. That said, we definitely plan to do this. It’s on the roadmap under the “Interaction with other parts of Cesium” section.

Regarding Sandcastle, post what you have any we can help you out.


Hey Kevin,

Thank you for your response and glad to see there's a fix in the works.

I put in another boat load of hours experimenting with the code and finally got what I needed working! (Came down to a "," ... Damn Javascript.)

Anywho, one more question, is there a way to potentially exaggerate the terrain? Maybe even add a slider to increase or decrease it?

The terrain is amazing and very accurate but I think it'd be a cool option to increase it so you could recognize your own local ups and downs from a higher altitude then borderline streetview.

Thank you kindly,

- Adam