Newbie question - surface image?

Hello! First-timer here. Love what's being done with Cesium!

Take a look at this image from the "Features" section of the website:

I have scientific data that I'd like to plot similar to this. In other mapping controls I've used, we use something like a "surface overlay," where we generate a rectangular PNG file with the shaded plot (where some of the PNG file is transparent so you don't see anything at those locations), and then say "create a surface image with corners (lat1, lon1) and (lat2, lon2)". This will place the PNG on the surface of the earth, and it will "follow" the terrain.

Is this possible in Cesium? I've checked out the docs but haven't seen any API that looks like a "surface image" or "surface overlay" or anything like that yet...

Thanks in advance,
Mike Johnson

Hi Mike,

Welcome. See SingleTileImageryProvider in this Sandcastle example.



Thanks! Unfortunately I do not see a SingleTileImageryProvider example in Sandcastle. Is it "inside" one of the other examples?

It is inside the example I linked to.


Ah, I missed that! I thought the Cesium logo was part of the map imagery, not an overlay :slight_smile: OK, got it now... Many thanks!!