Wrapping a png with SingleTileImageryProvider

Hi all,

I am using matplotlib Basemaps to create some contour lines based on some lat/longs. I am basically following Cesium Sandcastle to wrap a transparent png that I create. I cannot get the png that I create to correctly line up with the globe.

When I test with the picture that the Sandcastle provides, I CAN get the image to wrap properly, so I assume that I am using an incorrect map projection, or an incorrect image size, or something similar. Has anyone done anything similar, or does anyone know what map projection I need to use to get my png to line up properly with the Cesium globe?


The projection must be Geographic which is also known as equirectangular, equidistant cylindrical, or Plate Caree.

What values are in your rectangle? Do the images cross the anti-meridian? Can you describe the misalignment?

Hey @scottUFR,

Thanks for the response. Cesium was actually wrapping the projection correctly. It turns out that I had a border on the image coming from matplotlib, which is why it was misaligned, so no issues from Cesium.