LOD of a Tile in tileset

I wanted to know the LOD of a tile in tileset. Is there is any way to get the LOD of a tile?

3D Tiles doesn’t have fixed levels of detail. Instead it uses geometric error to represent how close of an approximation the contents of any tile are to the true representation. You can access this geometric error as a property here: https://cesium.com/docs/cesiumjs-ref-doc/Cesium3DTile.html?classFilter=Cesium#geometricError

Can show tile level using this

//turn on
viewer.scene.globe.imageryLayers.addImageryProvider(new Cesium.TileCoordinatesImageryProvider());

//turn off


Pretty cool seeing tile levels split into 4s as you get closer (or zoom closer) and 4 tiles recombining as you go farther. It can go as high as lvl 29 before you go through the surface underground, then you can see lvl 2 on the other side of the Earth.

It would appear that these LOD levels show how high the LOD could be, as examining lvl 29 tiles, they don’t seem to provide any more detail than lower level tiles, but this would be dependent on the data of whatever terrain server you use.

Thanks @Hyper_Sonic! Note that what you’re showing there is the LOD for the terrain/imagery tiles, not for 3D Tiles.

Perhaps 3D tiles has a similar feature? Similar to https://cesium.com/blog/images/2015/08-10/adaptable.png