Current Level Of Detail from Web Map Imagery Layer

Hi, I’m interested in utilizing the Level of Detail (LOD) of tiles to update the resolution of polyline entities shown on a globe adjacent to the tile resolution being updated. What I’ve found so far is essentially fetching the rendered tiles, building the quadTree, and then references private variables to acquire the maximum LOD. I’d like to avoid using private variables, so is there a method to get the current LOD of the tiles loaded from a web map image layer using the WebMapServiceImageryProvider? Follow up question, how is the LOD calculated based on the distance from the camera and maximumScreenSpaceError?

Hi there,

Ultimately, it sounds like you are looking for functionality that we’ve been exploring using vector tiles. However, a standardized version of that feature is not likely to land in the near future.

The currently loaded LOD is not publicly available in the API to my knowledge. Furthermore in 3D mode, there is no single consistant LOD value used for the entire scene. As you alluded to, it varies based on the distance from the camera.

We determine the current level of detail of imagery and terrain on the globe base on a heuristic called screen space error. This is computed in QuadtreePrimitive in the visitTile function.

Similarly this is also calculated for 3D Tiles, and there is an implemention in Cesium3DTileset.