Looking for documentation on Sandcastle Toolbar options

The sandcastle demos show the usage of Sandcastle.addToolbarMenu and Sandcastle.addToolbarButton but I can't find any documentation or extensive samples of these or any other ToolBar options. Are there are other options? Text Entry box? checkbox?

Is there documentation or more samples that use more options for the control type?


You could add standard HTML elements to a div attached to the cesiumContainer div, and use zindex to make sure the div shows on top. Check out https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/blob/master/Source/Widgets/Viewer/viewerCesiumInspectorMixin.js It creates a div and appends that div to the viewer.container.

These functions are not really part of the supported Cesium API, so there is no documentation for them. They only exist as helper functions to help keep Sandcastle examples brief and focused on the actual Cesium functionality being demonstrated.

If you check the source code, you’ll find that they are trivial functions that simply create DOM elements programmatically.