Please help me improve this weather map

1. A concise explanation of the problem you’re experiencing.

Need some guidance from the code guys on how to improve this map, please.

  1. would like to get the layer controls div here:

to overlay the map div as they do here:

…and along the way I’d also like to understand how to present the various Sandcastle examples in their own clean divs, without all the Sandcastle multipane fooblah.

I tried the [“Save As” */html] thing in sandcastle, but it does not have th code for this slick controls div overlay on the main viewer div.

I have tried adding an additional parent div, but no joy.

2. A minimal code example. If you’ve found a bug, this helps us reproduce and repair it.

HERE is the code that I use in the Joomla page, including the {source} tags that are required to wrap the Cesium example code (modified) into a Joomla CMS environment.

Hey Kent,

If you just want to view a Sandcastle example in a standalone window, you can click the “Open in new window” button. There’s some issues with it but it should be fixed with the next Cesium release this week!

I think the reason it looks overlayed in Sandcastle and not on your page is because the Sandcastle CSS is set up so that it’s at the top left of the page, and the Cesium viewer just covers the whole page (since it’s in an iframe). I think one way to do it is to set the CSS on the overlayed panel to have a position absolute.

Also, the good news is that there’s nothing special about that HTML element that works with Cesium. If you find any other HTML/Javascript library that has toolbars/dropdowns that looks nicer or you’re already familair with, you can use it just as easily with Cesium, since it’s all JavaScript.

I hope this helps!