Looking for someone who can teach me unreal engine 5 details inside

Good night friends
My name is Maor and I really want to learn how to build an elaborate computer game
in unreal engine 5
My question is can someone teach me someone with free time
Of course because I already have an idea for a computer game
Note: I have a lot of motivation and free time and good will

There are tons of great tutorials on learning Unreal Engine available on YouTube. You can pretty much search for any topic you’re interested in implementing in Unreal and you’ll find input on how to approach that. :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new but being the expert in UE5 where I work (by virtue of being the only one, not because I’m particularly good) I start off by telling my people to do the 5 hour video from Unreal Sensei. Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Tutorial.

It won’t teach you c++ or how to think about programming, that’s all up to aptitude and training like a computer science program. However, what you do get at the end is an overview of the unreal engine editor. You’ll know the terminology and then can speak the language when asking questions.

And can someone here teach me how to build a computer game invested in unreal engine 5?
Because I already have an idea for the game…


There is the Lyra project that takes you through the whole thing for a fairly simplistic game.
Should be able to find something if you search for Lyra Unreal Engine.

What is Lyra Unreal Engine
Please give details…


Hi @sara, welcome to the community!

Our community forum is tailored for Cesium-related questions and discussion. For broader Unreal Engine support, you will probably find more resources if you use the official Unreal Engine forums, or even community pages like Reddit. In fact, as I was looking at that Reddit link, the first post that appeared was a list of beginner resources for Unreal Engine here. :slight_smile:

Additionally, I believe that this is the Lyra Sample Game that @BDelacroix suggested.

And like @arbertrary mentioned, there is a plethora of tutorials out there, and videos to watch. But ultimately, your best bet for learning is to dive into Unreal Engine itself and follow one tutorial at a time. It’s okay (and even expected) to be confused. But exposure is super important for learning.

Wishing you the best of luck with your game-making endeavors!