Low frame rate with dynamic SampledPositionProperty

I’m developing an app which displays satellites in orbit around the Earth in CesiumJs. Satellite positions come from my server and are loaded into a SampledPositionProperty, which updates the Satellite entity. When displaying a path on this entity, my frame rate drops to about 5 FPS. Any thoughts on how I can boost this performance?

How many satellites are you displaying? How often do they update? Do you get this lag only when you have the paths displayed, or just when the points themselves are moving?

One thing that may speed things up is setting the arcType to NONE, and lowering the granularity on the paths, see the discussion here: Performance differences due to distance

I’ve seen the performance hit on as low as 1 entity. The lag is displayed just on the display, and is extremely noticeable. I’m updating whenever the Cesium clock time nears the end of the data retrieved from my server response.

That’s surprising. Can you reproduce this in a Sandcastle? See How to share custom Sandcastle examples

Working on trying to get an example to display

It appears my main issue here was the resolution of the path on the entity. With a small set of points, and a low resolution set, there was a lot of interpolation calculations. Increasing the resolution has fixed the issue I was seeing. Thanks for the assistance @omar

Awesome, glad to hear that!