Performance issues with entity path


The data length is about 150000. The time span of the data is about three months. After adding, FPS becomes 2fps. I try to set path resolution (12 * 60 * 60), But It is useless. The same data is added with primitive ,The Performance is so good. About 60Fps.But the data coordinate system is Cesium.ReferenceFrame.INERTIAL.The path changes over time! What should I do?

As with all things when performance is an issue in Cesium, don’t use the abstracted scene.entities API, but look into creating and controlling your own primitives through scene.primitives;



The path is dynamically updated according to the time, does cesium provide an API to obtain all the path coordinates at the current time

Sorry, not sure what you mean by that? Are you saying the path changes all the time? Real-time? Now and then? How often? If you’re creating a primitive, then you are in charge of the update on those primitives. The entity API otherwise does a lot of that for you, but with a performance penalty if you’re doing things the API wasn’t designed to do.

Are you using dynamic properties for the path positions, or just a static array at creation which you manually update by entity.hierarchy = newPositions from time to time? What are you doing in terms of code?

As with all things Cesium, try to make a Sandcastle that replicates as close to your issue as possible to make it easier for us to understand what you’re doing, and try out various ways to help you further.



I’m really trying to implement entity function with primitive, because the performance of path is too low, so I want to implement it with primitive. Data changes in real time, not fixed

I saw the source code of path, and now it has been solved. Thank you very much