Optimisation:Get height for many(150K+) points for draw primitives up to terraine

Hi all, in me project, we drawing roads(rails, ship paths & etc - for max 1 layers ~ 150K pointlines but several layers can show 250-300K pointlines) & use terraine provider- & if I use entity with polyline - I see lags (5-15 sec) but this work.
Thanks to this question :

I work to switch code for use primitives - If I use only std lat|lon coords - all best work - performances very up. BUT
all my path have undeground height & this looks as strange.
My attempts calculated height use “sampleTerrainMostDetailed” its see as work - BUT in real I have near ~ 20% null results for height data (server request err)

my question - have any solve this problem? May be:
• offline mode for terraine calculations (NODEjs)
• timer or buffer size mode in query functions (similar as work callback, or each 10K points as sample)
• getting height data if used heightReference different NONE

my 16 Gb + i7 9750(6Core) + RTX2070(6GB) cant this calculated (last Chrome or Edge ) crash or browser, or VSCode or system (free space SSD 250Gb 400+mb/s).

Thanks & sorry my eng

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We writed different script for not fast calculated Height (20-30 min for 150K points) & save this data as static data file. After this I get data from this file & draw primitives - all VERY fast & good.

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Thank you for posting an update! I am very happy to hear that you were able to resolve your issue :grinning: :rocket: