low resolution in android cellphone

Hi there

I build a Cordova-based Cesium app in android.

But the resolution is low and I can see pixels in the screen.

The resolution of my device is 1920×1080.

Is there any way to display high resolution scene?



You can try setting viewer.resolutionScale to window.devicePixelRatio. From CHANGES.md for 1.18:

* Cesium now honors `window.devicePixelRatio` on browsers that support the CSS `imageRendering` attribute.  This greatly improves performance on mobile devices and high DPI displays by rendering at the browser-recommended resolution. This also reduces bandwidth usage and increases battery life in these cases.  To enable the previous behavior, use the following code:
        viewer.resolutionScale = window.devicePixelRatio;

Thanks Sean

It works perfectly.

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