MacOS/iOS Rendering Issues

Hello all,

We’ve been tracking a few reports regarding rendering bugs on MacOS/iOS devices.

There was a recent 15.5 iOS release, including Safari 15.5 which fixes a lot of WebGL issues and regressions.

However the Cesium community has been quick to notice and report issues that have not been fixed as part of that update. We believe these are due to WebGL bugs in Webkit or Angle, and are pursuing support threads.

We’d suggest updating to 15.5 before reporting any issues. Please open an issue in GitHub or respond to this thread if you notice any other unexpected behavior show up unique to MacOS or iOS devices, and we’ll test internally and work with the WebGL community to get them resolved.


RuntimeError: Fragment shader failed
to compile. Compile log: ERROR:
0:102 on iPhone 11

See this thread.