RuntimeError: Fragment shader failed

We have a number of users that are testing and getting this error on an iPhone 11 and an Android device. I have tested on my iPhone 12 and Motorola Android and can not reproduce the issue.

Please advise.

RuntimeError: Fragment shader failed
to compile. Compile log: ERROR:
0:102: ‘cm discard’ : undeclared
ERROR: 0:102: ‘assign’ : I-value
required (can’t modify a const)
ERROR: 0:102: ‘assign’ : cannot
convert from ‘const bool’ to ‘const
highp float’

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the report!

Would you be able to put together a minimal code example that reproduces the error on these devices?

@Gabby_Getz , I’m also facing same kind of error, But I can’t share any sandcastle here since i am using FME to create tileset. Please let me know, what could be the reason of this issue?

Would you be able to provide the tileset so we could take a look @basant1431?

Thank you so much for your reply @Gabby_Getz ,

I have attached tileset below, please have a look in it. (1.0 KB)

Since data (b3dm file) size is huge, I was not able to upload it. So i have uploade only tileset.json file.

Thank you.