Make billboard certain height off terrain and Ellipsoid

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has been able to use heightReference RELATIVE_TO_GROUND with billboards? The problem I am having is what does that then reference, because the height determines the dimensions of the billboard. Is there a altitude or something I can set to raise it off the ground?

Also if there is a setting to make sure it does this even when changing between terrain and Ellipsoid, that would be fantastic, because I currently listen for this change and do some manual configuration.

I have figured the heightReference uses z value in position. But now that is working, when I set the z position = 2 from Cartesian3, and using RELATIVE_TO_GROUND height reference, I the selection box is now over the other side of the globe (i assume)

Hi @Mitchell_Day

This Sancastle demonstrates usage of BillboardGraphics.heightReference with the terrain enabled or disabled.


The vertical position of the billboard will be determined by the Entity.position property.

Hope this helps,