Manipulate Points in Point Cloud Data

Is there anyway to manipulate the points in point cloud data? for example to have particles drift off from the “model” or maybe even move based on sound etc. Or is it all just rendered as a mesh that cannot be changed?

Hi @gaz, welcome to the community!

I think it’ll be difficult to implement the effects you’re describing. When Cesium for Unity handles a point cloud tileset, it loads each tile as a Unity Mesh. If you enable Show Tiles in Hierarchy on your Cesium3DTileset, you’ll see the game objects created for each tile. Each tile has a child game object containing a Mesh Renderer for that tile’s data, i.e., the points included with that tile.

Technically you can retrieve and update Mesh data at runtime, but I imagine it wouldn’t be performant for your use case. Perhaps you can use shaders to achieve the desired visual effects?