Manually compiled plugins cause errors when the exe file is run

UE version:5.3.2
Cesium for Unreal Plugins version : 2.5.0

I manually compiled the Cesium for unreal plugin via CMake and installed it in the official blank game instance, which works fine in the editor. However, if it is packaged in Development mode, the following error message👇 will pop up immediately after startup .exe file.

Error said Can’t find DefaultPostProcessMaterial DefaultPostProcessMaterialin EngineMaterials folder. but I can found it in EngineMaterials folder👇

Are there any other possible reasons for the error? Or is there any information I need to provide?
Thanks in advance :coffee: :coffee:

Hi @tornado-dragon,

Sorry that you’re having trouble! I can’t tell what’s going on from a glance – could you please provide us with step-by-step instructions for reproducing this error?

It would also help to know if you can reproduce it from the Cesium for Unreal Samples project. Thank you!