many terrain data

what is that best way to show many terrain data? for example from different url?

when work with imagery data, we can view more than one layer , is it possible to view terrain like that?

Thanks in advance


There is no way in Cesium to show terrain from multiple providers in a single instance.

Requesting terrain tiles can be very costly. You could potentially run into issues with overlapping geometry as providers could theoretically use different tiling schemes/projections, leading to significant rendering artifacts. This is far easier to manage with imagery, but complicated when dealing with 3D terrain.

The preferred solution is to have your terrain prepared completely serverside, where terrain data is merged and prepared once as a preprocessing step.

I would highly recommend checking out STK World Terrain (; it is in the quantized-mesh format lending it to fast transmission and performant rendering, and it features high resolution terrain covering the entire globe. This tileset also supports water effects (starting in v1.7) and terrain lighting.


Alexander, thank you for answer
but, for example what if I would like to add one of STK World Terrain and one of mine, is it really impossible?

or I am mistaken

Thanks in advance,