Multiple terrain sources

Hi folks

I am working on an application that requires the following terrain data:

  • On the one hand, some surfaces have to be planar (e.g. runways)

  • On the other hand, I still want to have some 3D structure (e.g. mountains)

Unfortunately, I have not discovered a terrain provider that fulfills both requirements at the same time. Either the runways are no really smooth or then there are no terrain data at all.

So my question is: Is it possible to use a standard locally flat WGS84 for a confined area (i.e. an airport), and another provider for the rest to have the 3D impression?

Thank you very much!

PS: Or is there high resolution provider around? With a comparable to google earth? I haven’t discovered a service offered by google to connect with cesium. I assume that there is no such service anymore since the shutdown of GEE, right?

I had the same issue, but what I did is use 2!
When that data I fly to needs terrain provided, I switch the viewer to the one that has the terrain enabled.
then when I go back to data that needs a flat terrain, I switch again.

It's dumb basic, but it worked for what I need.

No, Cesium only lets you set one terrain provider at a time.

You can point your app to the publicly-available Cesium Terrain server that’s hosted by AGI, which has high-quality terrain available: .

I’ll also note that STK Terrain Server is available as a commercial product from AGI, and it is specifically designed to combine multiple terrain sources together of various resolution into a single unified global data set, (which could include both public and private/proprietary sources), as well as serve data in an offline environment.

Alright, thanks for your quick reply!
I guess I won’t be able to use multiple viewers as the animation has to run smoothly without interruptions.

Unfortunately, the resolution of the AGI terrain is no at an acceptable resolution for my application, see the screenshot comparison attached.

Are you aware of any other service offering higher resolution?

Thank you very much


Just to clarify, STK World Terrain is a freely available dataset created by AGI. For higher resolution, you could use the STK Terrain Server to combine multiple data sources of higher resolution. Email if you’re interested.




Would like to check if you guys know how to fix this.
I load raster DEM into GEE and consumed it using GoogleEarthEnterpriseTerrainPr
in my 3D web app using cesiumjs. It is showing as expected in Edge and Chrome but in IE11 it doesn’t show at all.

Can you advice me of how to fix it?

see attached images:

Chrome has terrain elevation.png

Edge has terrain elevation.png

IE11 no terrain elevation.png

see also “Not all tile is loaded.png” due to terrain, don’t know why since there is no console error at all.