Maptiler Sever with CesiumJS


I bought a license with maptiler to support a local offline map server. I am using Maptiler Server as my maptile server. I am using the TileMapServiceImageryProvider in my cesium viewer. The maps come out all distorted. I am able to access the images just fine. I have the properties set as followed:

url: http://IP:PORT/api/maps/satellite-hybrid
fileExtension: ‘png’
and I am using a rectangle with bounds set as they appear in maps/satellite-hybrid/tiles.json

The map appears the same with either tilingScheme.

I have also tried both tilingSchemes

I also got the map to appear using the WebMapServiceImageryProvider. The map actually appears in one piece correct but shifted dramatically. I have also tried both tiling schemes on that imageryprovider.

Any ideas on how I can get this to work? Is it maptiler’s fault or cesium?

Thanks in advance, Kai