Cesium maptiler map with administrative labels

Is there a way to pass whole maptiler map (including administrative labels, roads etc.)? In ImageryProvider only tiles work for me. I cannot pass map url there, as the app is not loading anything.

Hey @mb22 thanks for the question

I don’t have any experience with maptiler so I’d have to defer to their documentation about accessing the correct urls and apis for the dataset you specifically want from them (the one including labels and roads)

As for why it’s not loading in the viewer I’m not sure I’m able to answer that either without more context. Are you getting any errors in the console or network tab? maybe it’s a bad url? Are you able to provide more code to show how you’re using that imagery provider in context of the rest of the viewer?

It would also be great if you could provide a minimal example using Sandcastle that demonstrates the error and that would hopefully make it easy for us to track down if it’s on our side.