Marking terrain with full-filled color


Hi. I’d like to mark some areas of terrain like the photo I upload here. The marking is sticked with the terrain as you can see but I still don’t find any solution still now.

Actually, this scene is generated by Google Earth with *.shp file but when I tried to adopt this to Cesium Ion by converting(SHP to GeoJson), it only shows up 2D map.

Is there any solution to show marking in 3D maps that stick to the terrain?

Hi @finfetworld, thanks for the question and the screenshot. Can you please send me the shp file and the GeoJSON? This should be possible with CesiumJS, but seeing your data will be the easiest way for me to investigate and give you helpful instructions. You can email it to me directly at

Thank you. I sent you a email.

viewer.dataSources.add(Cesium.GeoJsonDataSource.load(‘GEOJSON FILE LOCATION’, {
fill: Cesium.Color.RED.withAlpha(0.3),
clampToGround: true

SOLVED !! :slight_smile:
I didn’t even aware that ‘clampToGround’ option exists. I just loaded GeoJson file and put options on it, it works.

Great! I’m glad you were able to solve it. Thanks very much for coming back to report your solution!

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