maybe skybox and TRANSLUCENT z-fight at multiCanvas

1. i am doing multiCamera mode,this frame render normaly,but next frame,first i will change camera(i create it for another angle/view/direction to look )and i will render the texture to RBO(i make a new fbo and new a Renderbuffer to be a colorAttachment ) when scene._fxaa.excute, and readPixels to create a IamgeData ,and call another 2d canvas's gl(WebGLContext2D).putIamgeDate() to display the another camera's picture.
   now,the z-fight appear in another canvas in translucent box and skybox,i don't know how to upload picture to show the sittuation. only word? who can tell me?

2. passState.framebuffer = scene.FBO_RBO;
   scene._fxaa.execute2(context, passState);

var FBO_RBO = new Framebuffer({
      context : this._context,
      colorRenderbuffers : [new Renderbuffer({
        context : this._context,
        width: width,
        height: height

3. i want to do a multiCamera mode,and display the different picture to different canvas

4. i use cesium 1.43

my english is not too good,thanks to your read,thank you!best wish from china!

Hey, welcome to the Cesium community!

Uploading a picture will help. You can click the button between the highlight and the “Link” buttons in this forum’s input box, or you can upload the image on and share the link here.

Can you put together a Sandcastle example of this issue? Just go to, write your code, and then click “Share” and then paste the link you get from there here so I can run your example.

i modify code in cesium source code not at sandcastle,i don’t write any code in sandcastle.i you need,i can send the cesium1.43 i has modified to your mailbox. thanks to your answer!

在 2018年10月25日星期四 UTC+8上午3:01:13,Omar Shehata写道:

Is it fixed if you turn off the ground atmosphere ( ? And maybe turn off sky atmosphere in the viewer too just to make sure (

It’s hard to really know what’s going on if you’ve modified the source. I think you might be able to do what you’re trying to do using the existing post process/frame buffer system. Here’s some articles that might help explain how the rendering engine works in Cesium:

Can you explain more about what you’re building? What are the multiple cameras for/what are you doing with the image data?