Memory leak when updating from geojson at 15Hz in 3d mode

Firstly please accept my apologies as this references a problem raised against another project, but the devs on this have suggested that I make you aware of a memory leak within Cesium under my particular scenario.

So our project makes use of Openlayers and ol-cesium, the project updates 2000 points from a geojson object at 15Hz. This data is supplied over a websocket.

Everytime the vector data is updated the vector source is cleared and the geojson is reloaded. The problem is that the ol-cesium (or the cesium library) is not releasing the resources on a source clear and hence can consume considerable amounts of memory very quickly.

The devs from openlayers are unsure at the moment but have suggested that you need to be made aware of this problem.

Are you having memory leak issues at the moment or should I ping this back to them ???

As a workaround I am dropping the layer and recreating it from scratch but this results in a significant flicker within the cesium map, any ideas ???

For your reference see the following...