Mesh Instances - new Cesium.ModelMesh()?

Hi - I have been trying for a long time to get this to work somehow - however all my attempts are unsuccessful - did someone figure it out? This works for one model - BUT as soon as I want to run this in a loop - sandbox error

I assume that the goal is to re-use the same model, and render it many times, with different orientations.

(And this should be done without loading the model many times. Technically, it would be possible to re-instantiate the model each time, with Cesium.Model.fromGltf, but this will probably become prohibitively expensive for more complex models or a high number of models, and I assume that your attempt to pass on the gltf to the next model aimed exactly at avoiding this…).

The recommendation for cases like this seems to be to use a ModelInstanceCollection (searching for that reveals some related threads).

Applying this to your example:

Someone from the core Cesium team should confirm that this is the right approach.


Great! Thanks @Marco13! This is what me need

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