Metadata in 3D Models

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Ho do I insert Metadata in 3D Models (particularly text that describe objects of 3D Models)?

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I need to publish 3D Models of Church's, Monument's, Envirnmental and describe it trought text or other infos (link to other documents, ...)

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Cesium 1.4. Windows 10, Explorer and Chrome.

You could possibly create a czml file that includes names, descriptions, and other info alongside the links to model files.

Do you need to include metadata for sub-objects of the models?

Hi Sean

Thank you for your answer.

Do you have some example and tutorial to do that?

If subobjects is for example a object that I have inserted (like a emoticon for example) to make a link to other info, yes.

Best regards

There are a couple Sandcastle demos that you could check out:

The description property can contain html where you can place images, links, and other things that will show up in a window when the entity is clicked.