Middle mouse button triggers a browse to go back to previous page

Hi, there,

This is the problem bothering me for quite a while.

I can press down the middle button of a mouse to tilt a cesium map. But when I release the middle button, the browser's "BACK" action is triggered (i.e., go back to previous page, which is very, very annoying). Firefox, chrome, and IE all have this problem. This is a serious problem to me, and I do not know how to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks a lot.

James Yang

Hi James,

I assume you’re just using one of the pre-built Cesium Viewer apps? If you are I think this may be an issue with the mapping of your mouse. Does pressing down on the scroll-wheel trigger the “back” action in other websites as well, or is it only happening in Cesium?


Hi, Chris,

Pressing down scroll-wheel triggers the "back" action in other websites too. In fact I do not think this is website-related issue. This is how browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) react the "Pressing down scroll-wheel" event (in my experiments I tried on several computers ruing Windows 7).

This seems to be a big problem for viewing Cesium 3D maps. Is it possible to tilt a map without using scroll-wheel?

Thank you!


You can also tilt the map by holding CTRL and left clicking.

Middle clicking doesn’t go back by default in Windows 7, but it’s possible that common third-party software, such as something that came with your mouse or was install by your domain administrator, is creating that behavior on all the machines you tried.


I tried "CTRL and left clicking", it works fine.

Thank you!