Revolving around an axis functionality: Where are you keeping it?

Hello, I work with Jonah Taylor at Raytheon on our Cesium-based map.

In your terrain demo video (, I noticed you revolve the camera around an axis so as to view terrain at different angles. Unless I'm mistaken, that functionality doesn't seem to be built in to the terrain branch we pulled. Where can we obtain the implementation for that?

-- David

Hi David,

I'm also working in the terrain branch. For me dragging with the
middle mouse button held spins around an axis similar to what I saw in
the video. This is in linux on both chrome & firefox. I guess on a
laptop it might be problematic?


Hi David,

Chris is right: by default, holding down the middle mouse button and dragging does the trick.

You’re not the first person to have trouble finding it. I’ve wondered if we should swap the middle and right mouse button since the middle button scroll is also used for zooming.

We also have plans for a navigation widget that will allow all view operations (rotate, zoom, pan) with just left clicks on various icons.



Aha! Looks like something we did disabled that feature on our map. But yes, I see that on the Cesium Viewer now. Thanks, guys!

-- David