Missing geometries in glTF created using obj2gltf

I converted a Wavefront OBJ model to glTF using obj2gltf command-line tool. The converted glTF model has missing geometries. In fact, the converted model has just one rectangular polygon and no other geometries from the original OBJ model. However, when I convert the OBJ to glTF using Cesium ion, the glTF looks complete and fine.

obj2gltf version: 3.1.0
Platform: Windows 10
Node version: 12.14.1

I did not get any error logs from obj2gltf. What could be the potential cause(s) for this issue, when using obj2gltf command-line tool?

Thank you.

It ended up being an issue with the visualising tool, rather than obj2gltf. And there is no issue with the glTF generated using obj2gltf.