model articulation

I am a long time STK user and a fairly new Cesium user... In STK I could load in an articulation file to get my 3D models to articulate how I wanted them to. I am wondering if something like this exists in Cesium? Is it possible to drive 3D model articulations in a specific way?

Currently there isn’t any way to drive Cesium model articulations (Cesium & glTF refer to them as animations) from an external file in the way that you’re used to in STK. We’re working on additions to CZML that will enable you to do this, but probably a couple months from getting this released. In the mean time, you have a couple of options. glTF models have the ability to specify animation sequences directly in the model file. If that is the case for your models, then you can control those animations via the ModelAnimation and ModelAnimationCollection objects. Additionally, Cesium has the ability to manually articulate/animate any node in the glTF model by modifying the node’s transformation matrix (Model.getNode and ModelNode).

OK, thank you so much for the reply. I look forward to the external file capability being added. And in the meantime I will try the suggestions you gave me to see if I can get my models to animate how I need them to.